New Noise Magazine is pleased to be helping release the song “Season of Change” by Shurwood. The gritty track blends elements of punk and grunge together into an anthemic banger of a tune. The riffs are channeled through the booming chord progression, allowing the vocals to unleash their range from low to high throughout the song. “Season of Change” is one grooving tune full of dynamics, take a listen below! The song is one of the three new Shurwood songs up and coming off the split with Gilt, Border and Boundaries.

“Shurwood and Gilt may be very different at first glace, but the music coexists perfectly together. Each band has three new songs being released on this split entitled: Borders and Boundaries out May 25th via bandcamp and Ever Melancholy Records. The first track being featured is by Shurwood. The track is entitled Season of Change. An easy sing-along that touches on love lost and the changes in life that follow. We really hope you enjoy this new song, and look out for Borders and Boundaries out May 25th!”

“A new take on the emo music of the late 90s and early 2000’s. The Tunes are chest-tapping in pleasant dissonances. The guitars chunk lightly under reverbed out vocal harmonies singing in beautiful intervals. If you love the classic emo scene you will definitely enjoy these guys. They are doing it like the original, and doing it well.” – Issues Magazine

GILT is a young band open about their early 2000s emo influences, but with a distinct diy punk ethos curated over combined lifetimes of isolated queer existence in the rural and suburban wastes of North Florida.




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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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