New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth the high octane track “Holy Mother” by Starbenders. With a consistent groove and a steady flow of infectious vocal refrains, the song is a powerful start to the week and a glimpse at the force of power in Starbenders writing abilities. Catch the band on tour starting today with Counterfeit (UK) and check out the single below!

“There’s a lot of darkness and confusion that comes along with budding sexuality. A lot of us keep our early experiences to ourselves because of a false sense of shame. A shame that grows and can stay with us for the rest of our lives. ‘Holy Mother’ is a moving prayer, asking for clarity in the midst of new sensations. Sometimes we feel the need to fight our urges, begging for the feelings to go away but also hoping they take over completely. When we recorded Holy Mother, the band eerily mirrored the lyrics with a dark soundscape and pulsing performance.” – Kimi Shelter

Starbenders are the half way home for misunderstood misfits, fringers and glam punks. Front-woman, Kimi Shelter and her gang have concocted a perfect alchemic blend of androgynous rock and roll power with “stuck in your brain” pop melodies. Imagine David Bowie playing 7 minutes in heaven with Debbie Harry.

Shelter began working with producer, Nico Constantine (Lady Gaga , Program The Dead, Institution Records) in 2014 who encouraged her to start a band. Aaron Lecesne was the first call Shelter made. The duo were best of friends and had intense music crushes on each other. The genesis of Starbenders took form. Guitarist, Kriss Tokaji, entered the scene in early 2015 after the band witnessed him laying waste to a guitar at a shitty house party in the middle of no where. “We couldn’t believe our ears and eyes! Our prayers had been answered!”, beams Shelter. The dream line up crystallized in 2017 with the entrance of drummer, Emily Moon. “It was the final piece to the puzzle. The band was in the middle of a transition and I thought to check craigslist of all places when I came across Emily’s ad.” shared Lecesne. After responding to the band’s cryptic email, Moon met up with them that same night. It was love at first sight.

Tour Dates:

Sept 6 – Toronto, ON The Hard Luck
Sept 8 – Philadelphia, PA PhilaMOCA
Sept 9 – Boston, MA Sonia
Sept 10 – Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory
Sept 12 – Columbus, OH The A&R Bar
Sept 13 – Nashville, TN The End
Sept 14 – Chicago, IL Subterranean
Sept 16 – Los Angeles, CA The Moroccan

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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