“El Salvador” is the next song from Brooks Paschal’s new project, Surprises, to surround the listener with infectious melodies. The song is written in a way that outlines a narrative while sliding through incredibly passionate, melodically wove lines. The upbeat track is another of the catchy tunes being released on Natural Disaster, the upcoming record out on May 31st via Spartan Records. The first 100 pre-orders also include a 12″ x 12″ lithograph autographed by Brooks Paschal and a limited edition 4-piece Surprises button set.

“The back story for ‘El Salvador’ was too damn crazy to actually write about specifically. I was co-writing an album in Guatemala with my friend Brian Howe. He’s a bit of a prankster, and a night out on the town turned into me being held in an underground bunker that housed an illegal prostitution ring in Central America. I still have no idea how I survived that night. When I finally sat down to write the tune I wanted to paint the picture of the landscape without giving away the details. There is this Spanish James Bond shit that happens in my head when I hear the song. The ultimate goal of the song was to have some fun and to reflect on a crazy night that could never be explained with words alone.” Brooks Paschal of Surprises

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“Subconsciously, these songs were there the whole time.”

These words seem like an understatement coming from Brooks Paschal. After releasing three successful LP’s with the fan-adored band Sullivan and dozens of solo tracks over the past ten years, songs seem to emanate from all levels of the musician’s consciousness. However, Paschal’s new project Surprises is something different. It is cathartic, it is reckless, and it is personal — a striking new narrative from a familiar voice.

“The core philosophy of Surprises is: no rules,” Paschal says. “While writing, I’ve never thought to myself, ‘kids won’t like this,’ or ‘people’ will love this.’ In fact, if I do, I stop. If I sit down and try, it’s not going to come out right.”

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