Photo by Jonathan Thorpe

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Maxies‘ new song “Girl With The Horn Rimmed Glasses” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming full-length Nuuk ’em All, being released April 22 through Rock Ridge MusicNuuk ’em All was produced by Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish with the same team he uses on Reel Big Fish recordings (the infamous Pot o’ Gold Studios in Orange, California); he even went as far as to lend a hand on guitar and backing vocals.

When asked about the girl with the horned rimmed glasses, bassist Mad Maxie replied: “Going to shows and seeing all of these girls with cool glasses popping out of the crowd inspired me to write about that. All those little nerdcore girls needed a song about them. Then I took some inspiration from the first meeting with my girlfriend. It’s the classic boy meets girl. Girl won’t give him the time of day. It’s relatable to many people.” And the recording of the song hit a few snags: “I was really confident about this particular tune. That confidence was shot down when our producer made me do over 20 vocal takes in the studio. I probably shouldn’t have had that seventh whiskey…” But ultimately, it all worked out and we’re able to listen to the track being premiered today. Mad Maxie comments: “I dig the way it turned out. Catchy guitar riff, loud, hard-hitting drums, and up-front pop-punk vocals. I knew we were good, but… dang!”

Always performing in the Greenlandic national flag colors of red and white, The Maxies have toured a number of times with Reel Big Fish and recently toured with them and Suburban Legends. Says Maximum Maxie of the tour: “It’s great to take Reel Big Fish and Suburban Legends under our wing and out on the road with us. We’re doing a reverse headline where we save the best for first, and they can play for whoever is left.”

The Maxies’ stage act is a wild theatrical comedy. Amidst a blizzard of hysterical rage, one will hear offensive jokes and clever puns about seal clubbing, global warming, and touting of their sponsorship by PITA, the bread company (not to be confused with PETA). Traveling with their polar bear buddy Bi-Polar Bear Tom, they continue to club their way into the hearts of fans everywhere. They highlight important social issues through comedic ignorance. Their inflammatory comments have won them many fans who get it, but have led to their banishment from all Disney-owned venues and the city of Tucson, Arizona. Yes, this is actually true. Both the Mouse and the Sheriff of Tucson have politely requested that the band never return.

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