We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Totally Slow’s new song “Idol Hands” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Bleed Out, which is being released on vinyl, CD and digital formats on September 16th through Self Aware Records and Negative Fun Records.

Totally Slow vocalist/guitarist Scott Hicks comments:

“There’s two moods happening here, split clearly between the more hopeful ‘can-do’ spirit of part one and the more chaotic mess that defines ‘fuck it, they win’ in the latter half. There’s a lot of that on this record – existential grappling with what I’m capable of vs. the 400 wrenches that are always tumbling into the goddamned gears. Optimism vs pragmatism. The devil on one shoulder shooting spitballs at the angel on the other.”

Pre-order Bleed Out here.

Bleed Out Track Listing:
1. Bleed Out
2. Idol Hands
3. Shots
4. Bleed Out (Reprise)
5. P.O.S.
6. Free Hugs
7. Drug Mask
8. Everybody Give Up
9. Blank Paper Sides

Totally Slow Tour Dates:
08/13 – Charlotte, NC at Lunchbox Records w/ Lemuria, Looming
09/16 – Baltimore, MD at The Sidebar w/ Whiff
09/17 – Trenton, NJ at Mill Hill w/ Progress, Oh the Humanity
09/18 – Richmond, VA at Camel w/ Sea of Storms, Hoax Hunters
09/20 – Greensboro, NC at TBA w/ Tenement
10/27 – Charleston, SC at Tin Roof w/ Cicadia Radio, Hearts on Fire
10/29 – Gainesville, FL at Fest 15  Tickets

Totally Slow deal in immediacy: they wanna shake you out and put some NOW in your system. For three friends who have spent two decades throwing off sparks at basement shows and DIY warehouse spots in other bands, it’s been a rejection of complacency and a conscious commitment to the present moment. Tempered by the ethos of 80s hardcore and 90s indie.

As much as the band seeks to cure their own creative restlessness, Totally Slow tirelessly champion their local scene, repping their friend’s bands and progressive politics like patches on a fine denim jacket.

Although their music builds on classic sounds, Saccharine Trust as Superchunk as The Replacements, the true pleasure is in how they wield these familiar implements like expert stone masons. Live and on record, they’re a phalanx of melody and guts, churning and burning with insistent hooks and tough energy, all amply demonstrated on the Kris Hilbert (Legitimate Business) recorded debut LP, 2014’s split 7″ with Charlotte, NC’s Black Market (Self Aware Recs) and their newest LP “Bleed Out” (Self Aware / Negative Fun Records).



  1. Hell yes! I love this band and members of it. I’ve heard the whole album and it rules.

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