New Noise Magazine is pleased back the spitfire track “The End Result” from Twin Rivals. The track has a vintage taste to its riffs, really crushing through each progression with a fiery vigor and a pissed off aesthetic. The middle of the track finds a quick shift in pace, speeding up with an electric spark that breaks down into a groove filled beatdown. Take a spin to the track below, and be prepared for the upcoming full length, On Tilt, out via State Of Mind Recordings (U.S.), Useless Pride (EU) and Chimeric Records (CA)  on May 15th.

Twin Rivals are a Toronto based Melodic Hardcore band whose music is a throwback to an era of Hardcore that is rare to find these days. It’s a throwback to Punk and Hardcore shows with shout alongs and pile ons and heartfelt lyrics that would uplift and often express matters of the heart and soul.

Pre-Order On Tilt here | Chimeric Records | Useless Pride

Twin Rivals is a throwback to bands like Bane, With Honor, Verse, Have Heart & Comeback Kid etc. With the majority of those bands calling it a day in the later half of the Aughts, melodic and positive bands are few and far between on todays touring packages. Twin Rivals breathes new life into the style with their Debut “Demonstration” and the upcoming LP titled “On Tilt”.

Traveling much of the province over the last year has sharpened the bands style of Melodic Hardcore, and they have made quite name for themselves through their energetic live shows complete with hamstring-testing posi jumps and singalong/shout along parts abound.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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