Perched atop a hill overlooking Dayton, Ohio with fruity mixed drinks in hand, Two Houses heard the line sail out of their dear, departed friend Anton’s living room stereo via James Brown: “I feel so good I can’t stand myself!” It could have been any of the Godfather’s enigmatic ad libs that punctured their cocktail hour and named their record before it was written, but that one captured the kind of ambivalent, blissed out misery known only to true soldiers of the rock n’ roll lifestyle. I Feel So Good I Can’t Stand Myself is an examination of what it means to look around, realize that you’re living your childhood dream of touring the country in a blaze of guitar glory and find that it’s not enough. You’re still a sad bastard with the Fear gaining in the rear-view. What do you do? You keep driving, that’s what—as fast as you can.

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Two Houses’ new song “The Fear” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album I Feel So Good I Can’t Stand Myself, which is being released through Rad Girlfriend Records on orange and black vinyl. You can grab a pre-order here.

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Two Houses have announced a double release show with Brickfight on November 10th at Liar’s Club in Chicago, and they’re selling 50 $15 presale tickets for the release – each presale gets a copy of both Two Houses and Brickfight LPs, PLUS admission to the show. The same deal will be $20 at the door, so be sure to take advantage of it now.

There is also a $7 cover option that includes admission only. LPs will also be sold inside but they’ll be $12 each. The presales can be marked as a gift and sent via PayPal to, or you can reach either band through Facebook here: Two Houses | Brickfight

Brickfight - Two Houses show 2016

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