Song Premiere: Unknown Nobodies – “Violet”

Unknown Nobodies bring forth a powerful release with “Violet,” their newest single being premiered exclusively below. The track features a powerful vocals delivery that ranges between harsh yells and quiet repents. A touch of grunge is embedded into the tracks runtime, using a steady stream of dynamics to bash through the threshold of abstraction. Take a listen to the song below!

“’Violet’ was written in 15 minutes on a perfect Autumn day during a fit of depression. ‘Violet’ is vivid. It’s a dream, but not one when you’re asleep. It’s a waking dream. A dream so strong you know it is real. Until reality kills it. That’s ‘Violet’. ” – Jack Murray of Unknown Nobodies.

Unknown Nobodies are an alt-rock duo out of Baltimore, MD that plays like a three-piece. Their newest release The Perplexed Sky is a story of highs and lows; of intense relationships, of bliss, delusion and the resurfacing of inner demons. Singer/songwriter Jack Murray plays with the idea of self in today’s world, examining how self-perception is different than how others see us. He questions anonymity in an era where information is easy, but often misleading. The Perplexed Sky was produced by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage in Baltimore. J’s previous work includes Jawbox and Government Issue (member) as well as Clutch, Against Me!, and Jawbreaker (recording and production) among many others.

The band has its roots in Gainesville, FL where they released their first EP Kakistocracy (2015), recorded by Roger Lima (Less Than Jake). Shortly after, Jack moved to NYC where the band released their second EP …Or the Devil Will Get You recorded at If and Only If Productions in Brooklyn as well as a limited 7′′ split on Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. In 2017 Jack came to Baltimore and immersed himself in the local scene with an eye on recording a full-length album. After quickly establishing a presence with a number of shows, the band began work on The Perplexed Sky in 2018.

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