New Noise Magazine is extremely excited to be featuring the song “Ehler Danlos” by Vivre sa Vie. The screamo band hails from Sweden. “Ehler Danlos” is off of a three way split with two other European bands. While being two minutes long, Vivre sa Vie pack plenty of emotion into the track, channeling the frantic energy of one’s inner aggression. There’s enough of a lo-fi intensity to the track to allow the raw power of the group to hit home; and hit hard.

“‘Ehler'” is one of two new tracks from our split with Young Mountain and La Petit Mort. We decided to include songs that we felt were musically and lyrically different from the rest of our catalouge, thus “Ehler” is heavier and grindier than anything we’ve done before. A big thanks to all the labels that are involved in this release. Miss The Stars Records, Zilpzalp Records, Hardcore For The Losers, Pundonor Records and Voice of the Unheard. And of course a big thanks to the other two bands that also are featuring on this split <3″

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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