Zerschmetterung is an implosion of chaos. From maneuvering through atmospheric sounds with grim textures, Vlimmer has always kept it dark. This track, exclusively streaming below, finds the project diving into the destructive tendencies of self. What control one has seems to drift off as the thunderous aspects of instrumentals roll through the soundscape. Take a listen to this behemoth below.

“’Zerschmetterung’ (German for “wrecking”) is the narrative of a somewhat delusional traffic accident deep in the night, deep in a menacing forest during a thunderstorm. Told through the first-person perspective the protagonist loses connection to himself while watching the outside world through busy windshield wipers. Misjudging the situation, he drives too fast, feeling like he’s having everything under control. Unfortunately, he does not. Even worse, it seems he’s switching bodies with a deer that suddenly appears with glowing eyes in front of him. As these very eyes seem strangely familiar, split seconds before the accident, the crash feels like an overwhelming embrace, like something that was meant to be. In the final moments of the deer’s life, the driver experiences what it feels like when the asphalt becomes a death blanket. “Zerschmetterung” is an overwhelming night that needed angsty, thick layers of guitars, a lot of drive and desperate vocals. The song is from an EP called XII, which is part of an 18-chapter narrative about a young man getting lost in between real life and delirium. XII is going to be released with XI, simultaneously.”

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Vlimmer is a one-man darkgaze band operating from berlin, germany, amd founded in 2015. with 14 EPs, one soundtrack album and a constant evolution in sound vlimmer has adopted the atmospheric elementes of genres like shoegaze, darkwave, krautrock, post-punk, synthwave, dream pop, black metal, ambient and drone blending them into a narcotic mix of darkness, nostalgia and futurism.

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