Featuring melancholic melody lines, Wayfarer are bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “February” today. With belting vocals, the song grips onto any warmth in the atmosphere. Wayfarer are masterful in their use of dynamics, swelling with a mix of twang and distortion. The song “February” reminds us about the bitter cold that is sure to come soon.  Take a listen to the song below and find it off of their upcoming record, Reckless Spring, recorded during the winter of 2018 at Tape Studios in Hamilton, Ontario, will be self-released on October 25th, 2019.

“You always hear people talking about February as the most depressing month. You’re stuck in the dead of winter, spring seems so far off, summer merely a distant dream. By the time winter comes back around again you know you’ll have probably squandered the few good months you were yearning for only a few seasons prior. When you can finally step outside it though, you realize you wanted to use February (and the months like it) as a scapegoat for all your bad behaviour. All your own shortcomings. Maybe it isn’t the weather’s fault.” – Wayfarer

Wayfarer is a band that rewards curiosity. The more that you dig into their music, the more that you find reasons to keep listening. Wayfarer’s vulnerability and introspectiveness gives them a distinct voice in their storytelling. First formed in Kitchener, Ontario in 2009 they’ve successfully toed the line between the emo of early 2000’s Saddle Creek Records and the better parts of contemporary punk music since then. They are equally comfortable pushing tempos and playing ahead of the beat, like Small Brown Bike, or slowing things down, like the quieter moments of Cursive or Pedro the Lion.

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Photo: Jono Hunter


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