New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Heavy Low” by We Hunt Buffalo. The song is off of the upcoming release, Head Smashed In, out on Fuzzorama Records & New Damage (Canada) on October 26th.

“This track finds us experimenting with new drop tunings that we have never used before, and as a result, it’s our “heaviest” effort to date. Lyrically it talks about how we as humans are destroying the planet. As we find ourselves in this predicament, we realize that we kind of deserve the mess we’ve made.” – Ryan, vocalist of We Hunt Buffalo

We Hunt Buffalo delivers hard hitting fuzz rock with delicious grooves and psychedelic overtones. Spanning nearly a decade and currently galloping towards the release of their second studio album, We Hunt Buffalo is ready for the kill. Their newly streamlined, bombastic sound is the direct result of years of perfecting their sound both live and in recorded form.


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