We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Worship This!‘s new song “Decisions, Decisions” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming  album Mint, being released on April 1st through A-F Records.

“For some of us, ‘growing up’ and coming to terms with the fact that we have to make difficult choices in our lives comes easy, but for me, it’s always been somewhat of a battle. I wrote the entire first verse and chorus of ‘Decisions’ while I was standing in line at a Starbucks – unlike a lot of songs, it came to me extremely quick, and I felt that the simplicity of the lines blended pretty nicely with the lighthearted nature of the music. I wanted to communicate a feeling that I thought others could relate to and I wanted to keep the song fun, but at the same time, I wanted to express the aggravation and annoyance of my inability to make confident decisions in even the most minor aspects of my life. Quite a balance, right? Keeping it simple, yet [hopefully] relatable was my primary goal, along with finally putting something together in a song that expresses these feelings, hoping that it can help me to one day overcome them in a sense.

While the first half of the song keeps a pretty lighthearted view on the topic, I wanted to expand on that in the second verse– the essence of our lives and who we become, often revolves around difficult decisions, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t made some that have had more of a negative impact on my life than positive. The four lines in the second verse expand on how important the choices we make can be, and the helpless feeling we get when time eventually lets us look back and realize that we made the wrong one.” – Josh

Purchase Mint here.

Mint Track Listing:
1. Decisions, Decisions
2. Miserable Again
3. So Long…Sucker!
4. 19th Street
5. Aurora
6. Let Life Unfold
7. Kennedy
8. Everything Went Wrong
9. Loving A Wild Thing
10. Relapser

Worship This! Tour Dates:
April 1 – Canton, OH at Buzzbin
April 2 – Chicago, IL at Quenchers
April 3 – Moline, IL at Bier Stube
April 4 – Minneapolis, MN at Memory Lanes
April 5 – Milwaukee, WI at The Public House
April 6 – Kalamazoo, MI at The Free Clinic (house)
April 7 – Cleveland, OH at Mahall’s
April 8 – Rochester, NY at Monty’s Krown
April 9 – Pittsburgh, PA at The Hen House

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