Sonic Syndicate – Confessions (Episode 2)

The second installment of Sonic Syndicate’s Confessions vlog (Episode 2) sees vocalist Nathan J. Biggs reminiscing about his self confessed sordid past and apologizing to people he may have hurt in that time period, chalking things up to being a learning curve leading him to the present day. Focusing on the here and now he says he would like to concentrate on what he would like to leave as the frontman of Sonic Syndicate.

Sonic Syndicate are finally back after a period of silence. The successful band from Falkenberg, Sweden was unexpectedly dropped by the record label Nuclear Blast and was forced reconsider their situation. The crisis forced the band to change it’s course significantly and they took the chance to record their most daring album yet. This time the members of the band took a deeper look into themselves which has led to some changes of the sound. On the new album Confessions Sonic Syndicare lets the listener take part of their vulnerability through total uncompromising honesty in their songwriting and sound.

Aware that the bands “new start” may cause a lot of listeners to raise their eyebrows the band doesn’t fear the changes nor the future. The conviction that they’ve created a very strong album, the fact that they’re 100% happy with the music and the atmosphere in and around the band has led to a revival worthy the envy of hungry debutantes.

The new album, Confessions, will be released world wide October 14th via Despotz Records and followed up by a huge European tour together with Amaranthe and Smash Into Pieces called the Maximalsm European Tour where Sonic Syndicate will show the fans again what an exceptional live band they are, as they’ve already done in Europe, North America and Asia several times before during their career.

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