News: Soul-pop artist releases video for single inspired by Netflix documentary

A New York-based soul-pop artist  released a music video Thursday for her fourth single inspired by Netflix’s technological documentary “The Social Dilemma.”

Stephanie Weisz, better known as Goldie Scott,  released the song “Little Robots” through Bad Owl Records on Feb. 4.

Scott, who has been compared to Amy Whinehouse and Lady Gaga, says she wrote and recorded “Little Robots” after watching the documentary in 2020.

According to Netflix, “The Social Dilemma” is about the dangers of how social media has manipulated the masses.

Scott says that society is addicted to screen time and that people are not paying attention to what is happening around them.
“So it was a really crazy documentary. Immediately, I ran to my piano. I wrote this song, and it just poured out of me,” Scott said.

In June, she wrote the song and recorded it in Oct. in New Orleans. She worked with many people on the track, but one, in particular, is Grammy-winning Record Producer and Engineer “Bassy” Bob Brockmann (Lauren Hill, Aretha Franklin, TLC).

Brockmann was the mastermind behind the robotic sounds heard at the beginning of the track and the vocal layers added in the chorus, Scott said.

In addition to vocal layers, the production elements used were  808s and synths to “symbolize the age of technology we’re in,” Scott said,

While recording the track, Brockmann helped Scott step out of her comfort zone by pushing more of a theatrical element to the song, which is visually evident in the video.

Scott, who was also the Creative Director of the video,  demonstrated a futuristic yet minimalistic vibe. Her idea was to project symbolic imagery of reality and the digital world.

The fiery orange tones represent the reality and external reality of the world, while the mirror robot outfit with the blue lights and the projector represents society and its current focus on the digital age, Scott said.

She describes the song as a wake-up call to her audience, stating that social media companies are profiting from the masses, and the masses are “losing touch with reality.”  

“Little Robots” is one of four songs released through Bad Owl Records. Scott says that she will be releasing more songs this summer.

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