Exploding In Sound Records and Shea Stadium are teaming up to release EIS: Live at Shea Stadium, a collection of live performances handpicked from the DIY venue’s extensive archive of live shows. The LP + CS combine to include tracks from 24 different bands, all of whom have both played at Shea Stadium and released music on the label, both past (Porches, LVL UP, Palehound, Krill) and present (Pile, Ovlov, Baked, Big Ups), dating as far back as 2012. Complete tracklisting for both LP and CS below.

Today, Speedy Ortiz are sharing “Indoor Soccer,” captured live on August 4th, 2012. Speaking about the venue, Sadie Dupuis shared:

“There might never have been a Speedy Ortiz without Shea Stadium. Though I’d released some solo material under that name, Speedy Ortiz the band — just [drummer] Mike [Falcone] and me at first — came together the night before our first show to fill a slot at Shea on a show with Porches, who were brand new then as well. We felt so appreciated and encouraged by the Shea family after only one gig, and played there many times over the next few years of the band’s history. We’ve seen so many of our favorite bands and Exploding in Sound friends form and grow on Shea’s stage. We felt loved there whether we brought 10 people or packed the place out, and we’ll always appreciate the chances Shea took on brand new bands like Speedy.”

After Shea was forced to close it’s doors this Spring, the venue launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with their effort to re-open. While the venue reached it’s fundraising goal in less than a day, ultimiately, their landlord decided to pull the plug on the 20 Meadow St. location. In the true spirit of DIY ethos, this record is a way not only to help raise money to help Shea find a new location, but to show the importance and the impact that these intersecting communities have had on each other. There is a tremendous amount of love and respect between these two factions, who have always worked tirelessly in the name of a thriving underground music scene in NYC and beyond.

A long time coming, this also marks the first live compilation of it’s kind (in physical format) from the venue or the label. The recordings were remixed by the venue’s founder Adam Reich, who has overseen Shea’s massive archive of show recordings from the past eight years and mastered by Mike Tucci.


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