Conversations between Spike and Panamanian musicians Frojax and Potifar, later turned into producing their new band. Los Nuevos Bajos draw inspiration from 50s rock ‘n’ roll sounds and 60s Latin-American culture as they pay tribute to these different eras of music.

After a few rehearsals in their San Francisco studio, the three went off to perform their first show as a band at Panama’s El Sotano. A sold-out show with warm responses drove the trio to produce their first EP together and release their latest single, “Gema / Cien Años,” which features CJ Ramone and Latin Grammy winner Los Rabanes.

“Los Nuevos Bajos’ new single is the realization of my longtime dream to honor the music and vibe of the great Mexican and Caribbean Trío groups from the middle of the last century.” – Spike

Purchase “Gema / Cien Años” on Vinyl.

Los Nuevos Bajos will soon release a six-song EP and a music video! Stay in the loop HERE.

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