We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Spirit Houses’ music video for their song “Sweetheart, I’m Jealous” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s album Two Passing Ships, which is available on limited edition vinyl through Suburbia Records. You can also stream the album on Spotify.

Mike Ireland (aka Spirit Houses) commented on the song:

‘Sweetheart, I’m Jealous’ is a song about the struggle of letting go of the past and letting go of your former self. The video represents the agony of defeat and the ultimate burial of who you used to be in order to start again.

Ireland commented on the album:

This album is the story of the worst year of my life. Experiencing the lowest of the low and somehow making it out alive. I was in such a crucially dark place when I made this record. I was absolutely rock bottom depressed and fucked. I had to do it.

About the band:

Spirit Houses recently wrapped up an acoustic tour with I Am The Avalanche bandmate Vinnie Caruana and Nightmare Of You frontman Brandon Reilly playing songs from the recent EP, as well as covers and acoustic versions of I Am The Avalanche hits. Most recently Spirit Houses supported Andy Jackson of Hot Rod Circuit and Reggie And The Full Effect at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY.

Ripping open every emotional scar while telling a very real story of self-realization, utter heartbreak and loss, Spirit Houses has delivered an honest and relatable album for anyone that has ever experienced the loss of love. – Ireland adds, “Spirit Houses is a look into my psyche. Every song is true and every song is autobiographical. It’s my only way to properly communicate my thoughts to others and myself.”

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