Stay Sick Recordings has signed Bay Area metal legion Spite. The band brings a new level of intensity to the label’s already formidable and diverse roster, which includes The Plot in You, Enterprise Earth, and It Lives, It Breathes, thanks to its soul-crushing, raw aggression.

Spite’s previous releases include the Misery EP and their self-titled album, both of which will be re-issued together in a single deluxe package on April 1 via Stay Sick.

“Spite is the most pissed off band I’ve ever heard. Live, these guys put on a highly energetic and violent show. I think Spite will become the Slipknot of our generation,” said Fronz, Stay Sick’s owner/operator and Attila frontman.

But don’t just take his word for it. Allow yourself to be sonically violated by the visceral and cathartic “Digging Pt. 1” below.

Track Listing:
1. The Black
2. Morning Sting
3. Leeches
4. Death Sentence
5. Snap
6. Intruder
7. Night Terrors
8. Digging Pt. 1
9. Digging Pt. 2
10. Outsiders
11. Free for All
12. Suffer
13. Burn
14. Devil
15. Misery
16. Red
17. Psychopath

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