Curated by Ben Murray of Heartsounds & Wilderness Dream

“Alright you freaks, here is a sick 15 song playlist for you to engage in ultimate bedroom mosh. So tell your mom to fuck off, rip out that bong, and take a hit of this heaviness!”

1. Napalm Death- ‘Metaphorically Screw You’
This song is so fucking crushing. This is off their newest record, ‘Apex Predator: Easy Meat’, and Barney’s voice on this song just sounds so god-damn unleashed. He is a monster, all hail the grind-gods!

2. Behemoth- ‘No Sympathy for Fools’
‘Zos Kias Cultus’ has always been my favorite Behemoth record, for reasons such as this track! How intense is this song? Nergal’s voice sounds so raw and devastatingly pissed, and the production is more stripped down and lo-fi than some of their more recent records. What a headbanger!

3. Condominimum – ‘Show Them’
I was introduced to this band recently, and have totally gotten sucked in upon hearing their unique brand of chaotic and unpredictable experimental punk/hardcore. The vocalist’s voice is so perfect for this genre, and the riffs will destroy you too. This song is from their Sub-Pop released 7″ entitled “Carl”. 1:38 of pure circle-pitting maniacal terror. Can’t wait to see these dudes live!

4. Beastmilk – “Genocidal Crush”
A friend of mine told me to check out Beatsmilk’s LP, ‘Climax’, and I got hooked right in! This band (now going under the name ‘Grave Pleasures’) totally nail the combination of goth/punk/hard-rock in a really fun and intense way. The vocals are right on point and will get stuck in your head for days. The riffs are sinister, and the production is fantastic, thanks to Kurt Ballou!

5. Cursed- “Head of the Baptist”
It seems that hundreds of bands have attempted the punk-n-roll down tuned D-Beat style of crust/hardcore/metal that has become so prevalent in the past few years, but no one really tops CURSED in this vein, at least in my opinion. This track is actually off of “II”, which is a burner of a record if you haven’t ever heard it!

6. Portal- ‘Vessel of Balon’
What can I say about Portal that already hasn’t been said? There are not a ton of dynamics to the bands’ two full length records upon the first few listens, but if you try hard enough you might reach another dimension of fucked up, hauntingly horrifying riff-dom. Just push through to the other side! It’s worth it.

7. Death- “Crystal Mountain”
Obviously Death are the all-time legends of everything, ever. This song never gets old, and ‘Symbolic’ remains my favorite Death record ever. Their sound reached a more progressive and emotional place on this record compared to their earlier releases, and ‘Crystal Mountain’ is a great example of the enormity of Chuck’s talent and vision with the band’s evolved sound at that point in their career.

8. Entombed- ‘Sinners Bleed’
Vocally, it’s hard to find a cooler approach within death metal than the almighty Entombed on their first handful of records. ‘Clandestine’ has always been my favorite, and tracks like ‘Sinners Bleed’ tell you exactly why. Listen to that tone! The HM-2 worshippers have done their best to imitate this sound since, but nothing beats the riffs in this song. Fuck! So good!

9. Sacrifice- ‘Existence Within Eternity’
I feel like ‘Soldiers of Misfortune’ should have been as popular as any early Metallica or Megadeth or Testament record, but it seems the boys from the great white north have often gone overlooked throughout the years. This record rips, plain and simple. I envy Rob Urbinati’s voice so much, I think it is so fucking venomous and spiteful, the way he barks out every lyric! Love it!! Get into this track, dudes and ladies.

10. White Lung- “Thick Lip”
While less heavy than the other 9 choices thus far, Vancouver’s WHITE LUNG definitely rip in their own right. Both of their LPs totally destroy all the way through, but I love this song in particular. Definitely a melodic track, but the verses and choruses have this driving energy that I absolutely love. Highly recommended for fans of darker/heavier punk!

11. Animosity- ‘Bombs Over Rome”
I miss seeing this band live, so so much. They were always a Bay Area band that completely annihilated every crowd, and stole the show almost every time they played. Navene’s drumming is so out of control on ‘Animal’, their best and final record. Leo’s vocals are just nuts on this thing too. The production on this record is definitely super raw and natural, compared to their triggered-the-fuck-out comrades of that time. Listen to the riff at 1:45 and tell me you don’t want to destroy some shit. The way that riffs twists and turns and doesn’t stop changing just makes me green with jealous rage that I’ll never write something that cool. UGH! Wish they’d do another show!

12. War on Women- “Meathead”
Bridge 9 put out WOW’s most recent self-titled full length, and I haven’t been able to stop listening since! Such a powerful set of songs, both lyrically and musically. These gals and guys really ride an awesome line between thrash metal, punk, and hardcore, and they do it all very seamlessly. This record is a grower, for sure. Check it out!

13. Mamaleek – “Pain as Providence”
Mamaleek is an amazing two-man black metal project from the Bay Area, who now have three records out on Flenser. Their latest, ‘Via Dolorosa’ really delves further into the jazz-inspired clean-guitar approach of some of their past material, while the vocals remain just as spastic, unpredictable, and drenched in intensity as before, reminiscent of Coalesce a bit. The programmed casio-style drums play a huge role in the vibe of this record too, which I think works so well. This is a good one to put on at night while you’re super stoned contemplating the future of humanity. A good soundtrack to exploring the depths of your inner nihilist.

14. Gas Chamber- “My Warsaw”
Hailing from Buffalo, NY, GAS CHAMBER seem to be on a level of their own when it comes to punk and hardcore. Combining numerous styles and sounds, their latest LP ‘Hemorrhaging Light’ is just completely fucked, in the best way. This record takes you on a journey of furiousness, calm, and just plain weird and awesome in a span of less than 20 minutes. Get into their vibes!

15. Wilderness Dream- “Death Delusion”
Had to throw one of my own jams in here- Dig it!

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