News: Sink Into ‘Próżnia’, The Latest Offering From California Atmospheric Black Metal Project Białywilk

Emerging from California’s black metal sector comes the somber and atmospheric Białywilk with their latest, captivating offering, Próżnia. The new release will be available on CD November 5 through Vendetta Records, with vinyl copies coming early next year.

Białywilk is the solo music endeavor of Marek Cimochowicz (also of Vukari), who performs guitars, vocals, and composes all of the music for the project. The rest of the music on Próżnia is carried out by session musicians John Kerr on drums and Spenser Morris on bass, with additional synths on “Próżnia I” provided by Adam Harris.

Over the course of the six tracks that make up Próżnia, Cimochowicz generates grand, multi-layered melodies that come together to create an atmosphere that is as comforting, as it is chilling. Białywilk transmits an emotional intensity that fuels melancholic leads and sorrowful overtones, overlaid with howling screams.

Wasting no time, “Lachesis” blasts out of the gate with a tender melody that continues to adapt to the changing instrumentation as the song plays on. Cimochowicz creates opportunities for this song to open up and breathe, allowing for the lead melody to sound mournful at times and more triumphant at others. This play on both warm and cold moods remains at a tug of war within Białywilk’s sound.

Although there are noticeable similarities between both projects, Cimochowicz’ work with Vukari tends to include bursts of sound that are more ferocious and aggressive in nature. With Białywilk, the focus remains on the emotions working around the lead melody. The darkened and mystical essence of “Our Shared Fear” bumps up the pace a bit with an adventurous spirit, revealing some of those similarities. Furthermore, the distinct heaviness of “Will and Representation” and intensified pace of “Merkavah” bring out some of the more unrelenting qualities heard on

On his EP prior, Temporary: Collection I, Cimochowicz was able to convey a more serene and welcoming atmosphere through the use of strictly clean instrumentation and ambient synths. The soothing sound result is something that Cimochowicz didn’t completely abandon on Próżnia. Although Białywilk’s latest reveals a much more blackened demeanor, the swelling synths, celestial voices, and meditative music passages heard on tracks like “Próżnia I” and “Próżnia II,” provide Próżnia with a clean balance.

From start to finish, Próżnia grips the listener with its layers of melodic expression and dispirited vocal dynamic. As Białywilk, Cimochowicz demonstrates that he can compose quality songs that not only stand on their own apart from lead project Vukari, but create just as much of an impact.

Próżnia track list:

1. Lachesis
2. Our Shared Fear
3. Próżnia I
4. Will and Representation
5. Merkavah
6. Próżnia II

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