We asked Dustin from Starset what movies each song on their new album Transmissions would fit best in. Here’s what he told us:

1. “First Light”

2001: A Space Odyssey – The “First Light” intro was written to sound like the trailer music to a sci-fi movie, so what better movie to put it to than the greatest sci-fi movie of all time?

2. “Down With The Fallen”

1984 – This is pretty much the granddaddy of all dystopian stories, and as such, is fitting for the dark themes of “Down With The Fallen.”

3. “Halo”

Batman – This song is about the symbiotic relationship between a superhero and the people he saves/protects. It also has certain light vs. dark themes. Batman is a perfect example of this. (So, if you are the music producer for the newest Batman series, and happen to be reading this, give me a call!)

4. “Carnivore”

V For Vendetta – This is a song about standing up to oppressive forces, and no movie has achieved this more powerfully than V for Vendetta.

5. “Telescope”

Interstellar – As I watched Interstellar, I found myself thinking about this song and how well they seemed to complement each other. The verses and chorus could have worked pretty great in the scenes where Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is watching videos of his family. The bridge of the song would have worked great for the scene where the rocket takes off, as this is exactly what I imagined when writing the song!

6. “It Has Begun”

Goonies – This isn’t sci-fi, but I think the lyrical content of the song could work great for this awesome movie, though it might be a touch heavy for the movie.

7. “My Demons”

Iron Man – Like “Halo,” “My Demons” has a sort of “downtrodden protagonist superhero gains power from love interest” vibe. Iron Man and Pepper have this sort of thing going on. Plus, it is a soaring energetic song and would certainly fit in the soundtrack for such an action-packed movie.

8. “Antigravity”

Gravity – First off, given the names, it would be ironically funny. Plus, it is a song about rising up and facing challenges, and about flying through space. Both of these apply to that movie.

9. “Dark On Me”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – I think moments in this riveting movie match the desperate, dark, and lonely tones of the song perfectly.

10. “Let It Die”

Either Frankenstein or The Notebook – Each would work equally, since the themes are sort of a mix between both.

11. “The Future Is Now”

Interstellar – When Rob Graves and I wrote/produced the bridge to this song, we imagined that we were writing the soundtrack to a spacecraft as it approached a black hole. Such a scene exists in Interstellar, so I can’t imagine a scene working better for the song!

12. “Point Of No Return”

Event Horizon – It would fit great towards the end of the movie, after Dr. Weir explodes the Louis and Clark rescue ship and they are stuck on the manifestation riddled Event Horizon.

13. “Rise And Fall”

Matrix – This is another song about overcoming oppressive forces, whether internal or external, and I think that would go well with Matrix.

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