Steaksauce Mustache Showcases Chaotic Hardcore with Tour

Steaksauce Moustache announces upcoming West Coast tour

Imagine that The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Chariot and Every Time I Die had a three way baby together, and that baby grew up to have its own show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, that would describe Steaksauce Mustache, a chaotic hardcore band from Medford, OR. The band is excited to announce they will be taking their wild antics on the road on the “Casual Encounters with Steaksauce Mustache: An Intimate Three Week Experience” tour.

The band prides themselves on making sure that the fans have fun at the show, all while showcasing their chaotic rock’n’ roll or as the band jokingly refers to as, “mustache thrash.” Steaksauce Mustache is determined to make their own mark on the hardcore scene with not only their unique stage presence but their passion for the music.

The intimate experience kicks off on March 27th in Salem, OR and wraps up on April 15th. The tour also features American Standards, Florida Man and The Anchor who features YouTube personality, Linzey Rae.

This line up is one that promises to give fans the ultimate show experience. You will not want to miss what Steaksauce Mustache has up their sleeve as the band strives to make every show the most memorable one for the fans.

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