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From out of the cosmos comes forth an electronically infused black metal masterpiece by the name of Stellar Master Elite. Parts Satyricon, Samael and John Carpenter, these guys blaze a trail unlike anyone else in their genre and seem to have grown even stronger with their latest release entitled, II: Destructive Interference Generator. I spoke with Dave about the band’s beginning, how Ben from Sonic Reigh took up the vocal helm, a lyrical perspective that deals with an opposition to the global elite, and how the mass media is trying to hold us back from reaching our full evolutionary potential. After all, real magic is not smoke and mirrors… it is art.

<First, how did you guys get together and what was it that inspired you to create black metal in this form? How would you describe the sort of black metal that you compose to those who have never heard it before?

Stellar Master Elite started in 2010. We planned this project for a longer period before the first riffs were written and when we started, everything came together very fast. One of the reasons that we teamed up to start a band was that we share the same musical taste and almost the same worldview. Thematically inspiring to us was the world and the reality that we experience in these strange times. We want to reflect the dark and unknown side of it.

We create the music that’s in our minds. Our musical influences are insignificant, but if I was forced to describe them I would say that it takes black metal as a fundamental piece, but styles such as doom and avantgarde consistently blaze their trail through pitch-black compositions. We use hardware and handmade synthesizers and have a passion for all strange sounding things and experimental music. We wanted to create sonic soundscapes that inspire the imagination of the listener.

Let’s talk about the new album, II: Destructive Interference Generator. What was the recording process like for this disc? 

Parts of the songs were written in our rehearsal room. This was a very intuitive way of songwriting as we jam a lot and just let it happen. It’s a very ritual like process. We let our subconsciousness speak. Songs like “Thoughtcrimes / Villain / Slave,” “The Mobius Strip” and “Destructive Interference Generator” are an example for that. The other parts I wrote at home where all of my sections were recorded. Marco added drums and vocals in our rehearsal room. For example songs like “Pattern Of Perception,” “Beyond Light” and “Prison Planet”. When the songs were recorded, we spent a lot of time working on the details until we were fully satisfied. After that we sent everything to Sebastian’s Studio, Sonic Room. He started mixing and after that we travelled to Mellrichstadt, Bavaria for a few days to finish everything when we felt ready for it and got a little bit of distance to the songs. Ben recorded the vocals on his own at Sonic Room.

On this release you have Ben from Sonic Reign helming vocal duties. How did this come about, and what are his thoughts on these lyrics? Does he actually agree with the anti-elite topics on your album? What are his thoughts on these topics?

This came together simply. We just asked him and he did it. I don´t know how he thinks about it in detail. I know that freedom and independence are really important for him as you can read in the lyrics of Sonic Reign. But he just lent us his voice, so to speak and we are really thankful for that. We wrote the lyrics and didn´t talk to him about the topics.

From a lyrical perspective, the lyrics on this album are very anti-elite and seem to oppose the New World Order/Illuminati. Can you speak a little about this and what does the title, Destructive Interference Generator refer to?

Yes, I like that description and that’s a good example of what it could stand for. Do you know that for the short time Stellar Master Elite has existed, you are the first journalist who’s mentioned that?

For this album I had the movie They Live in my mind for a long time. I saw it the first time as a young boy and believe that it has the ability to make us question our reality. It was more than just inspiring and in these times more real than ever. In the beginning we wanted to name the album like that but the we realized that we don´t want to be limited to the movie and we later changed the album title to Destructive Interference Generator as it fits perfectly to the lyrical album concept and goes a bit further thematically. It was the perfect title for the artwork Ben did for us. If you saw the film I think you would really understand what we mean with Destructive Interference Generator a lot better than with words, as we wanted to inspire the imagination of the listener to get his/her own view about it. But for everybody who wants to know more about what we mean with that, then watch the movie They Live for a better understanding, as it is also a really great movie.

Stellar Master Elite - II Destructive Interference Generator cover

Since the lyrics on this album are a big part of the message of your band, could you give me a song by song analysis of each? I’d like to know more about each song and how it represents the main concept of the piece.

If we were to explain every song, we would destroy the chance for the listener to create his own interpretation of the songs. I think the lyrics are clear and understandable, but the listener has to experience it in his own way. Every listener has its own reality-tunnel. If our grass is green, yours maybe blue. But who knows who’s right? Who says that the grass is green? What is green? And what is reality? Something that happens outside of us, or is it just a mirror of ourselves, something that happens and just exists inside of us? Maybe you are your own god and create your own reality? What about creating vibrations that evolve the collective consciousness to something better?

Do you believe that the elite are trying to hold back the limits of our consciousness? If so, how do you think that they’re trying to do it and what exactly do you mean by “you already know everything” on “Beyond Light?” Are you referring to the collective consciousness?

I think it´s obvious that a lot of interest groups on this planet are concerned about that. The mass media is a good example for the manipulation and one of the main creators of a world view that’s far away from our intuitive nature. That’s what we were referring to in “Beyond Light” on the term you said. In your inner self you already know everything you need to know. Your intuition knows what’s right or not and always shows you the way to go. Most of the people forget that. They listen to their minds rather than their intuition. I also believe that your intuition is connected to the collective consciousness, which is infinite, and we are able to sense that. The Mass Media is trying to keep us away from that by generating frequencies that absorb our own energy field by interfering with destructive frequencies!

As a supplement to the following question, do you think that we’re all undergoing a new type of evolution that is being held back? What do you think would happen if we were all to reach that higher evolution? What would we be?

Yes, that´s a good question. My thoughts on that are similar and I have the same questions as you. But I cannot give correct answers. There are a lot of assumptions on this and we can philosophize on that topic book wise I think. I hope that my thoughts on this are wrong because it is really supposable that someone is knowingly influencing the evolution of humanity to create a new subhuman. On the other hand great things do happen and humanity tries to evolve to something higher. I think that is the war in our inner self. But it´s possible that we´re just like cows in the meadow that live for an unconscious reason which is getting clear after our physical days on earth are counted.

Do you believe that other life forms have a place in this new evolution? What exactly is it that you think the elite knows in regards to ceremonial magick and other forms of arcane knowledge being shared in orders like The Golden Dawn and The O.T.O for example, that they don’t want the rest of us to know?

It´s possible that other life forms have influenced this evolution many times. I don´t know what they hide as I’m not a part of neither these nor any other organization. Some people believe that there is evidence that with ceremonial magick a few can evoke entities that exist in another dimensional frequency range aside from the ethos of these beings. If as rumors say, ritual Satanism can be used to evoke forces that were maybe existent as nine foot tall reptile human beings living in the fourth dimension that could be attracted by the sacrifice of a human child; then we are for sure in big trouble. But I have never met or summoned one of those and I never will. So for the moment, this will just be a maybe.

Still, there is a bold concern from me regarding the topic of Judeo Christianity. I find it very hard for me to believe that one single faith had become so popular and was heavily pushed by the combination of church and government in the 1600’s, overseen by some of the most powerful men of the age and is further spread across the world as the one religion, which believes in this one God, despite the three branches and countless limbs that stem from those branches. What I’m really trying to say with all this, is that it seems to me like Christianity in all of its forms (including Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and several other paths) are all part of one big construct that seems to work as a set of chains for mankind. It was devised for a purpose, with a goal to suppress the people. What do you think about this? 

You get it! Nothing more to say!

Stellar Master Elite band

People seem to regard heavily that the return of a prophet will soon come and whisk them away from what will be rather desolate times. Instead of working to preserve this planet, they seem to be content in ruining it, because it isn’t their home according to religious dogma. I find that a bit dangerous. 

Really dangerous. This is something that I never got confronted with here, as I grew up and live in non-religious surroundings. But, there never was and never will come a messiah that will redeem you from the responsibility of your own life.

The media seems to be a large pusher of elite ideas. There have been all sorts of elite symbolism in popular magazines, as well as on movies and in music videos, including concert performances which are viewed by millions in this country. Do you see this brand of elite symbolism as a marketing scheme, or do you believe that something very evil is going on and is being targeted at our youth? 

To me it looks like unconscious mind programming. As Alan Moore said: “Magic in its earliest form is often referred as “the art”… and I believe that magic is art and that art, whether that would be writing, music, sculpture or any other form is literally magic. Art is, like magic; the science of manipulating symbols, words or images in order to achieve changes in consciousness. The language of magic seems to be talking as much about writing or art as it is about supernatural events. A grimoire or book of spells for example, is simply a fancy way of saying grammar. It does indeed “cast words” or change people´s consciousness and I believe that this is why an artist or writer is the closest thing in the contemporary world that you could compare to a shaman. I believe that all cultures must have arisen from cult. Originally, all of the facets of our culture, whether they would be in the arts or sciences were the province of the shaman. The fact that in present times, this magical power has degenerated to the level of cheap entertainment and manipulation I think is a tragedy. At the moment the people who are using shamanism and magic to shape our culture are advertisers. Rather than try to wake people up, their shamanism is used as an opiate to tranquilize people, to make them more manipulable. Their magic box of television, and their magic words, their “jingles” can cause everybody in the country to be thinking the same words and have the same trivial thoughts at exactly the same moment.

Have you heard about MK Ultra and Monarch mind control methods? If so, do you think that some of these methods have been used on popular stars in the media? We live in a world surrounded by Reality game shows in which people are signing their lives over to unknown entities who wish to use them to create more wealth, possibly brainwashing and hypnotizing them to become what the corporate media wants.

Yes, I do. And like the answer before, it seems that a lot of these programming techniques they use for a longer time. If you want to reach a wide range of people, then popular music, films and tv-shows are the best weapon of choice I think.

What is your view on the U.S? What do you think of our country, and are we in trouble? Do you think that our country is the seat of power for the elite? 

We are sitting in the same boat. I don´t think that the U.S. is the seat of power. It seems that a lot of interest groups want us to think like that. For me it looks like the U.S. is trying to destroy the U.S. financially and militarily (not to be confused with the global military, which appear in the mass media as the U.S. military) so that it will fit in better with a global government. And by the way, I think that we´re all in trouble, big trouble indeed. But the real question is; Where does this end? How do you think it will all play out in the end? I hope a lot of people will start to question that.

Despite all of these horrible things, do you think that we’ll persevere as a race and be able to withstand this horrible “interference” called the elite? Do you see us reaching our true potential as human beings? Or are we doomed to be slaves to these corporate machines that continue to suppress us while destroying the planet?

I hope. But I don´t believe so. Maybe…

On another note, what bands are you listening to right now and are there any that you want to promote? 

There are great bands here from Germany like Sonic Reign or Vyre. If you are into high quality extreme metal with more mature lyrical concepts, then you have to check them out. Support the bands that you like to hear and give them something back. These days it’s hard for bands to finance themselves with income other than what they make at their ordinary jobs. If you are a fan of independent music and want it to continue to exist, then spread the word and buy their stuff.

For anyone wishing to know more about these topics that you speak of; are there any books, films or web pages that you might recommend? 

As there is so much bullshit on the internet and also in books, it´s really hard to recommend something as there´s a lot of stuff where you can find portions of truth clothed in a lot of maybes and hypothetical thesis which can lead you into the wrong direction. What I can say, is that you should believe no one except yourself. There´s more false flags than truth out there in books and online, so remember that the truth exists inside of you! Never follow anyone who marks themselves as a messiah or who tells you that they have the one and only answer. Always be able to proof yourself again and again and again and be able to forget all you know and all that you have learned. Never rest and don´t be afraid to enhance yourself. The real potential of humanity is much greater than any of us can imagine.

Finally, is there anything else that you want to say to people who might be interested in your music and the message it holds?

Our music speaks a universal language that everybody will understand. It will give every listener his own experience which is worth listening to. Or to say it with words of the great E.T.A. Hoffmann: “I think of myself through a magnifier – and all creatures which move around me, are myselfs.”

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Top Ten List

At New Noise Magazine, we’re also asking that bands provide us with a top ten list of things they are into.

Ok. So here are my top ten all-time albums:

Dodheimsgard – 666 International
Satyricon – Rebel Extravaganza
Thorns – Thorns
Emperor – The Nightside Eclipse
Manes – Vilosophe
Sigh – Infidel Art
Virus – Carheart
Ulver – Perdition City
John Carpenter / Alan Howarth – Escape from New York
Sunn – White I

Thanks for answering these long questions and I truly thank you guys for this album. It speaks the truth and it does it with a noted attention to detail and musicianship. Definitely one of the best albums of the year. 

Thank you very much for this outstanding interview and your warm words. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your superb review! We really appreciate that. Cheers to you!

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