Stoner Rockers Red Wizard Announce Debut Album, Stream New Single

With amps turned to eleven and feet flat out on vintage fuzz pedals, San Diego stoners Red Wizard know exactly how to convert raw hertz into high voltage rock and roll.

Newly signed to Ripple Music, their debut album Cosmosis is an exercise in pure hard rock indulgence. As teens plucked from another era – outta time and outta mind – their roughly hewn approach to proto-metal is shaped as much by prevailing Pacific Coast winds as it is their parents’ record collections.

Steeped in the pre-1978 sounds synonymous with Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, Red Wizard have developed a sizable and almost effortless reputation in the Californian underground metal community as a unique and energetic live act. Helped in no small part by last year’s release of their self-titled/STB Records-approved EP Red Wizard, across seven new tracks, easily their heaviest collection to date, Cosmosis explores the depths and majesty of ’70s metal and contemporary stoner rock. Placing huge riffs, blazing vocals and bone shaking rhythms amid a wide expanse of progressive sonic assaults.

Cosmosis by Red Wizard is released worldwide on CD/digital download through Ripple Music, and on limited edition vinyl through STB Records on 8th April 2016. Ahead of the album’s official release, stream the new single  ‘Tides Of War’ below, or purchase it here.

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