Borders can be mental, existing only in our heads, and yet feel as powerful as though they were made of barbed wire and guarded with guns. And then there are the borders that are very much physical, which can have quite visceral emotional ramifications. The furious, Italian, hardcore act STORM{O} is back in 2019 with the new album Finis Terrae out on October 4th via Moment Of Collapse Records, Skeletal Lightning, To Lose La Track, Pundonor Records, Left Hand Label, Shove, Zegema Beach Records. 

The first single, “Tempi Morti,” perfectly represents the band’s sound. “This is the first song we wrote and it can be seen as a starting point to the album. It speaks about a static daily routine filled with meaningless and unfair relationships. From there, we start looking at the boundaries we have drawn around us, recognizing them in the structure of the house we live in, the country we crossed and the cities we walk through.”

Over 12 songs that combine the fury and speed of old-school hardcore with the gloomiest melodies of post-hardcore, STORM{O} delivers another album that is a testament to the underground music scene.


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