Stray From The Path and Counterparts Featured On New Noise Magazine Issue #50 Cover

New Noise Magazine issue #50 will have a dual cover featuring Stray From The Path and Counterparts (shipping mid-December 2019). The issue will look back at 2019 and give a preview of 2020.

The included flexi features live tracks from each band: Counterparts’s song “No Servant” and Stray From The Path’s song “The Opening Move.”

You can start your subscription with this issue here, as well as pick up the single issue here.

Long Island, NY hardcore heavyweights, Stray From The Path, are released theirlatest full-length, Internal Atomics, on November 1st through UNFD. You can purchase the album here.

Check out their crushing new song “The First Will Be Last” below. In true Stray From The Path form “The First Will Be Last” is a biting, socially conscious track that lashes out at those in positions of power that have selfish outlooks and a lack of empathy for those in need – all overtop a wave of groove-laden riffs and pummeling drums.

Counterparts released their latest album, Nothing Left To Love, on November 1st as well, through Pure Noise Records. You can stream the album below, as well as purchase it here.

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