3FORCE’s red-hot release schedule continues with a powerful vocal track featuring Robin Adams on “Uprising”! Grounded by a rock-flavored rhythm section, “Uprising” weaves Adams’ passionate vocal delivery into a composition that rises and falls, builds tension across its running time, and carries listeners to a climactic conclusion. “Uprising” is the latest single from 3FORCE’s upcoming full-length album and the second to feature Robin Adams, whose distinctive voice brings elements of electronic rock to 3FORCE’s sci-fi synthwave sound for a remarkable blend of styles.

Following the success of their hard-hitting retro-futuristic Resistance album, 3FORCE has shifted their approach to encompass a broader range of songwriting styles. “Uprising” joins a host of new vocal tracks from the Russian trio, including “Lost & Found” featuring Raizer, “Promise” featuring Megan McDuffee, and “Guardian Angel,” the first collaboration with Robin Adams. 3FORCE’s full-length album is currently scheduled for a late 2019 release through FiXT Neon.

You can purchase/stream the single here.

About the band:

Fusing modern EDM rhythms with retro synthesizer tones and injecting the result with a shot of science fiction, 3FORCE stand as pioneers in the next generation of synthwave artists.

The Russian trio took the synthwave world by storm in 2015 when they released their electrifying debut, Intergalactic. Loaded with eight tracks of retrofuturistic glory, the album’s mix of club-friendly beats and ‘80s melodic nostalgia established the group as one of the most innovative artists on the edge of the retrowave movement.

Building on the success of Intergalactic, 3FORCE experienced a breakout moment in 2017 with the release of their follow-up album, Resistance. The recording took the group’s detailed, uptempo songwriting to a new level that earned them acclaim from the broader synthwave community, and Resistance racked up hundreds of thousands of streams from the group’s rapidly expanding fanbase.

In late 2018, 3FORCE signed a multi-album deal with independent synthwave label FiXT Neon, re-releasing their first two albums and embarking on a new creative path in the process. 2019 was punctuated by a series of remarkable singles, including introspective vocal tracks like “Promise” featuring Megan McDuffee that revealed a different side to them as songwriters. As their audience grows, 3FORCE continues to demonstrate their commitment to exploring new possibilities for synthwave music.

3FORCE’s third full-length album will be available in late 2019 from FiXT Neon.

About the label:

By taking a visionary stance toward synthwave and its related genres, FiXT Neon has cultivated a roster of ambitious and innovative artists who are redefining the next generation of retro synth music. Although the label embraces a diverse selection of styles, from rock-flavored tracks to atmospheric cyberpunk and sunny popwave, its artists all have one thing in common: they all make great music. FiXT Neon provides an outlet for unique, personal creations that will resonate with synthwave fans of all types.
FiXT Neon provides a launching pad for the most talented and forward-thinking synthwave artists of the new era. Starting with a core group of big-name creators including Scandroid, PYLOT, The Bad Dreamers, LeBrock, Mega Drive, and others, the label has quickly made an impact on the synthwave world and has become the key destination for top-tier releases from artists on the cutting edge of the genre.

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