We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Antiverse’s new song “Hallucigenia” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Under the Regolith, which is scheduled to be released on October 19, 2018 through Seeing Red Records. You can pre-order the album here.

Carl Skildum of Antiverse commented on the song:

‘Hallucigenia’ tells the tale of a dabbler in arcane arts, who seeks to augment a meager talent with dubious entheogens. Our unlucky protagonist attains visions of far more than bargained for, and discovers that entities beyond the veil of our reality have observed him in turn. After horrific journeys through realms of madness, something has followed him home.

About the band:

Antiverse was founded in 2013 by Carl Skildum (Inexorum, Obsequiae – live), Jason Bauer, and Mike Paradise (Hive, Martyr A.D., Disembodied). The band self-released their debut LP, Cosmic Horror, in April 2014, shortly after which they were joined by second guitarist Matthw Kirkwold (Inexorum).

With their upcoming release, Under the Regolith, the band parted ways with their previous vocalist , leaving Matt and Carl to share vocal duties. The result is a much stronger and more appropriate vocal delivery that compliments the music in a way the band have always intended.

Sadly, during the writing and recording of this album the band received devastating news that bassist, Jason Bauer, was facing a stage 4 cancer diagnosis… Despite this extremely difficult hardship, the band have rallied around their brother and Jason has continued to write, record, and perform with Antiverse. Under the Regolith is a testament to their collective passion, struggle, and brotherhood as a band.

Personally, I hear so many different influences shine through the music – there is definitely a nod to Dave Mustaine and early Megadeth in a lot of riffing…I can certainly hear some definitive influence from the likes of Rust in Peace for example. In addition, I also get a bit of “alien-era” Hypocrisy as well as some hints of latter year Dissection or even Naglfar. Quite frankly, a comparison that struck me rather quickly, albeit one that not everyone may be able to relate to or be familiar with, would be Chris Amott’s solo project, Armageddon, particularly the album Crossing the Rubicon. (the band recently re-recorded and re-released the album via our friends at Listenable Records).

Seeing Red Records will donate $1 for every digital download or CD purchased via the Seeing Red Records Bandcamp page to contribute to Jason Bauer’s Cancer Treatment.

You can also check out a live video of Antiverse performing “Hallucigenia” below.

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  1. lynn mcmichael Reply

    Music way beyond my paygrade, but spooky, which I suspect is the ,thrust of the album. Comgrats Matt!

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