Aphasia Stream New Single “Empty Head”

“Lyrically, ‘Empty Head’ was written to capture the emotions felt while in the midst of a traumatic experience that you have no control over. More specifically, it is about how when your support systems begin to fall while in the middle of these moments, you find yourself falling into your own mind only to find emptiness. Losing family members, losing friends, watching people you care about make bad choices… it all adds together creating this overwhelming feeling of darkness and helplessness. At its core, it is about how you feel in that moment when everything you care about is slipping away, how it feels like you’re sinking deeper with no one and nothing to help you, and about how it feels impossible to find a way out of your own head. – Ryan Wirth of Aphasia

Aphasia have released their new single “Empty Head” (listen below), which is available now through iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major digital distributors.

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