We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Autumn Walker’s new song “Step Back” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album Daydreamer, which is scheduled to be released through Lucky Hound Music.

The band commented on the song:

‘Step Back’ is about memory flashbacks, when seasons change and being reminded of a deceased loved one/family member/childhood when you smell something familiar. It’s really a reminder to stop and smell the roses. A realization that everything you long for or want is already here in front of you. As far as the band is concerned, I think it will be an anthemic staple. We are at the beginning of this journey. When stuff gets hard we will use it to remind ourselves: ‘Step back, it’s floating in the air.’

About the band:

Autumn Walker is the fruit of the ongoing collaboration between Lodin Fortenberry, the band’s singer and guitarist and Cameron Barber, the band’s second lead guitar player. “We met in my freshman year in high school,” Fortenberry recalls. “We had a mutual friend who played drums. The first time the three of us got together to jam, I felt a click with Cameron. We lived in Wimberley, a small town heavily into sports, especially football. We loved music and bonded because our interests were outside the norm.”

Fortenberry was whistling tunes before he could talk and started on guitar when he was five. “My parents love music. They got me guitar and drum lessons before I started grammar school and bought me my first instruments.” Fortenberry dabbled with electric bass, but it was the guitar and songwriting that drew him into music. “I listened to everything. The Clash, Ramones, Minor Threat – every band I listened to made me want to play more music.”

Like Fortenberry, Barber picked up the guitar at an early age. He started out playing “Wild Thing” and “Iron Man,” but was soon composing melodies and adding his own guitar parts to the classic rock songs he was learning. He’d been in several bands, but was getting tired of long jams and reggae. “I wanted to be in a band that played real rock music and put on a show,” Barber says. Fortenberry had the same idea, so they began putting groups together to play house parties and open mics. After a few shifts in personnel, they found drummer Dan Flynn and started working on the songs that would become the basis for Autumn Walker.

Flynn grew up in New Jersey, pounding on pots and pans with wooden spoons. He played in bands during high school, worked in a music store and went to school to learn audio engineering. “I met my wife Kelleigh in school and, after we graduated, we moved back to her home in Texas.” Flynn began performing in metal bands, switching up to work with fiends in hip-hop outfits. “I developed a driving, groove based approach, with a lot of syncopation. I like to keep the drums interesting, because they’re the backbone of the music, but if there’s too much going on, it takes away from the song. I don’t put anything too fancy or syncopated into an arrangement unless it fits.”

The trio began honing their approach and building a local following. With the help of Rich Cresenti, they produced a six track EP called Conversations, in 2016. It was well received and playing the songs live helped them refine the arrangements and build a devoted local following. “After I agreed to work with them, I went to a gig with my notepad in hand,” says Michael Ramos, the band’s manager. “I was going to write down the things they had to work on, but I didn’t put down a single word. They were poised and professional, with strong melodies and a great stage presence. I’ve been touring and playing in bands my whole life, and they have the drive and ambition that you see in all great bands. They work hard and have fun. It’s a winning combination.”

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Top photo by Larry Johnson

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