We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Bat$hit!crazy’s new song “Bats In The Belfry” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s ep​.​1 (out now via Basement Records), and is available for purchase through iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon.

Chuck D of Bat$hit!crazy commented:

“Bat$hit!crazy. started in early 2017 as I had taken some time off from writing and working on my hardcore band Bullet Treatment. BT, for those in the know has always been a grueling job for myself as I am the only permanent member. I have different people from other bands help contribute to the performances on the albums but everything behind the scenes is a one man show (just the way I wanted it).

With that said the last release from BT, Bloodshot Chapters 1 & 2, were both very well received and garnered the band even more attention. So what did I decide to do? Give it a rest for a while… Start something new… work with other bands and continue producing, engineering, doing label relations, etc. Nope I wanted to start a different band, one that would have permanent members and one that would be all my guilty pleasures rolled into on. A Pop Punk Hardcore Horror Rock N’ Roll band, hence the name Bat$hit!crazy. From the get go I knew where I wanted to take the direction of the band, I wanted music that would fit on a record like different scenes from a movie, some intense others gleeful and so on. I wanted to write about my favorite movies like Phantasm, They Live, Nightmare On Elm Street, Phantoms, etc. dark themes with exciting color schemes, i.e. everything that made sense in my head but doesn’t make sense on paper. After finding the perfect pieces for the band, including a singer who can both sing & scream we started recording.

The final product will be released as four EPs, titled ep.1, ep.2, ep.3 and ep.4. After which we will compile the EPs with a couple additional tracks for a full length compilation release. Each EP will feature a corner (1/4) over the final cover art. So when you put all the corners together you will see the final image. Even the eventual CD release will feature something that I do not believe has ever been done, and just like a great horror movie you’re not going to expect what’s coming.”


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