“‘I Know It’s Not Right’ was done at a separate recording session about 7 or 8 months before the rest of the album was recorded. It was actually just myself alone with my producer, Matthew Marquardt. I wrote and recorded that song at a very difficult time in my life where it seemed like my whole world was completely falling apart. I was extremely unhealthy and put my body through a hell that I don’t wish upon anyone. It’s an extremely personal song of mine that was not originally intended for the public, but we needed a bonus track for the CD, and my friends pushed me to put it out and I’m happy now that the song is getting a proper release.

I can’t say what exactly influenced the arrangement on the song other than the fact that I just followed and trusted the instincts of my producer Matthew and myself. The instrumentation on any given song is dictated by the emotions that are let out through the song, and it’s our job to act as mediums for when the inspiration hits. Where that comes from I cannot say, but it’s there.”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Beechwood’s new song “I Know It’s Not Right” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Songs From the Land of Nod, which is scheduled to be released through Alive Naturalsound on January 26th. You can purchase the limited edition starburst vinyl here.

About the band:

What happens when an anti-social petty thief, a male hustler, and a delinquent runaway come together to join forces in the streets of NYC? One of two things, usually. Either the birth of a gang of misfit criminals, or a legendary rock & roll band. Luckily, for society’s sake, the latter has turned out to be true for Beechwood.

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