We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Bliss Mode’s new song “Flavour” (listen below). The track is the first single taken from the band’s forthcoming debut EP Mostly Blue, which is scheduled to be release this winter.

The band commented:

We’re really stoked on these songs. We’ve been working super hard on them all spring and summer, recording and mixing everything ourselves. It’s honestly been nothing short of a complete pain in the ass, from mics and amps breaking literally the first week of recording, to me driving myself insane mixing over and over again. But it’s been a true labor of love.

The three of us grew up together in our local hardcore & punk scene and we really wanted to get together and try something different with this band. Instrumentally we wanted the fuzzy abrasiveness and energy we love about that kind of music, but vocally I really wanted to have this disconnect and incorporate a lot of influence from the more emotive & dreamy music that I love. Bands like Ride, and My Bloody Valentine. We’re all happy with how it’s come out and we can’t wait to start playing these songs out live this winter and let everyone hear what we’ve been cooking up.


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