We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Bloom’s new album Still, A Wick Lies Black and Burning (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on September 28, 2018. You can pre-save the album on Spotify here.

Still, A Wick Lies Black and Burning deals with learning to cope with grief and realizing, for better or worse, time moves on.

About the band:

Since their formation in 2016, the post-hardcore quartet dove head-first into honing their craft. In addition to pouring their hearts into their work in the studio, Bloom have trekked the far reaches of the country, eager to connect with everyone they could through their music. In this time, Bloom have watched the world change around them, and as a result, have forced them to face the consequences of growing up.

Still, A Wick Lies Black and Burning is a dynamic and personal collection of songs that not only showcases the band’s growth musically but also emotionally. While some songs feature their signature energy and aggression, others feel more airy, allowing every word to sink in fully. Lyrically, Bloom share personal anecdotes of their emotional struggles, some of which they conquered and some that still hang over their heads. According to the band:

Still, A Wick Lies Black and Burning is the product of loss for us as individuals. The record touches on the life alterations that occur as a result of death, changes in belief, divorce, and the feeling of a foundational part of your life being ripped away from you. In times of loss, there is often a tangible absence that cannot be filled, as the space that someone had in our life remains, even after they’re gone. Reflecting on what once was can often be a painful exercise, but there will always be a slight, persistent glow inside of you that can either develop into pain or joy. These songs wrestle with feelings of intense grief, but also offer a small piece of hope that through pain and loss can come growth and joy.”

The band celebrate the release of the record with a tour throughout the south east with Embracer next month. Still, A Wick Lies Black and Burning is available everywhere September 28th.

EP Release Tour Dates with Embracer:
10/05 – Huntington, WV – The V-Club
10/06 – Harrisonburg, VA – The Golden Pony
10/07 – Asheville, NC – Odditorium
10/08 – Boone, NC – Grandma’s House
10/09 – Savannah, GA – Flamingo House
10/10 – Melbourne, FL – The Standard Collective
10/12 – Valdosta, GA – Ashley Street Station
10/13 – Nashville, TN – That 70’s House
10/14 – Louisville, KY – Spinelli’s

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Top photo by Buddy Harlow

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