We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival’s new song “Riot on a Sunday” (listen below). The track is taken from their forthcoming album Hear This.

Brandon Prinzing & the Old Revival is a four-piece folk punk group from Bend, Oregon. Inspired by classic Americana, the intricacies of metal and the defiant energy of punk rock, Brandon Prinzing combines all three in an all-consuming kick, stomp and holler force of motion. “iot on a Sunday” is a smoother listen with storytelling lyrics and anthem-performance power.

Prinzing commented on the song:

‘Riot on a Sunday’ was a song written from a point of contrast. Being calm and erratic all at the same time, like a Sunday afternoon and a riot all at the same time.

It’s about being as lost as you can possibly be but knowing that you will continue to stumble your way through no matter what.

I wrote this song quite a few years ago when I was in a pretty dark spot. I had been taking care of my girlfriend at the time that was paraplegic for about 4 years, and it was taking a toll. I put on a front that I was ok, but inside I was drowning. I was self-medicating with painkillers and just trying to get through. We were supposed to leave to go to Reno the next day, but for some reason I just felt like I had to write.

I wrote ‘Riot on a Sunday’ in my spare room in the middle of the night that evening and recorded a demo right as I finished it with an acoustic guitar. It was my way of saying I hate where we are, I hate how you are acting and treating me, but I’m just as responsible for it as you are, and ill be damned if I won’t fight for it. It was the self-reflection of why in the hell do I do what I do? Why can’t I change this, why can’t I be more honest with her and myself?

It was a huge mix and swing of emotions when I wrote it, and that contrast become the theme of the song. I asked myself how I felt inside, and the word I came up with was RIOT. I felt like it was a riot inside and all hell was breaking loose. But on the outside? I felt like I was putting on the attitude of someone just hanging out on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I would feel like a Riot and a lazy Sunday all at once and I just couldn’t explain it any other way. Once that lyric was struck for the chorus, the rest of it flowed, as well as the verses, just openly talking about the anger and confusion with my relationship as a boyfriend and a caregiver. Am I just being used as caregiver, or do you actually love me? It was a complicated time for me.

Aaron instantly loved the song, and once I laid the scratch acoustic and vocal he jumped in and played the perfect drum beat for it. The song came to life as a huge sounding ballad, with the anti-melody lead that we played on guitar then doubled with a grand piano in the chorus. It was just soaked with passion of how I felt when I wrote that song, and it turned out conveying the exact emotion I hoped it would.

It’s a song that I represents a part of my life more accurately than I ever wanted to admit, but overtime as we play It live now that emotion of the song still connects with me deeply and takes me right back to the night i wrote it.”

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  1. You tore at my heart Brandon reading this part of your story and remembering how helpless I felt to be of any help… God is always good ❤️

  2. This song kicks ass and so do you! You can feel the emotion when you sing it. Can’t wait to hear more!!!

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