We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Broken Field Runner’s new song “Wish You Were Here Instead of Me” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Heavy Hanging Fruit, which is scheduled to be released on March 3rd through Jetsam-Flotsam. You can pre-order the album here.

Vocalist/guitarist Tony Bucci comments on the song:

“It’s been written that American author and multimillionaire Richard Halliburton couldn’t find true contentment no matter how hard he searched or how much money he spent. He was a daredevil and a shameless pleasure seeker, famously swimming the length of the Panama Canal, flying around the world in an open cockpit airplane, and purchasing a junk boat with the goal of circumnavigating the earth by sea. Unfortunately, this boat, The Sea Dragon, cost him his life. In his last dispatch before succumbing to gailforce winds he wrote, to no one in particular, ‘HAVING WONDERFUL TIME WISH YOU WERE HERE INSTEAD OF ME.’

This song is about crying out for help and getting only the echoes of your own voice in return. It’s about never truly getting over trauma, but trying to fill the space between the pain with laughter and pleasures big and small.”

Tour Dates:
March 07 – TBA in San Luis Abispo, CA
March 10 – TBA in Los Angeles, CA
March 11 – Bosco’s in Lake Forest, CA
March 12 – PoMoRo in Tucson, AZ
March 13 – House Show in Albuquerque, NM
March 14 – TBA in El Paso, TX
March 15 – Shirley’s Temple Showcase in Austin, TX
March 16 – SXSW in Austin, TX
March 17 – Avant Garden in Houston, TX

About Broken Field Runner:

Though Albany, NY’s Broken Field Runner was conceived as the solo project of singer and guitarist Tony Bucci after his former band Caleb Lionheart dissolved, it has since become a powerful force of all its own. A series of demos and EPs (including a split with Gifthorse for Secret Audio Club’s Wax Packs series) built up to Clear A Heaven So This Earth Can Breathe, the band’s 2015 debut on Secret Audio Club. Flush with full, bright chords and embattled energy, Clear A Heaven found the balance between pop-punk and roaring post-hardcore – part of the reason that Broken Field Runner attracted the attention of Chicago-based record label Jetsam-Flotsam.

Now a full band with a rotating roster that includes Laura Murphy, Nick Cavin of Young Culture, Chris Villeneuve of Drug Church, and Jo-Jo Rose of Blind Mice (with whom Bucci also toured), Bucci and Broken Field Runner are ready to release their follow-up EP Heavy Hanging Fruit, their first with Jetsam-Flotsam. As dynamic and passionate as Clear A Heaven, the EP finds additional power in themes such as parenthood, unconditional love, and persevering through loss. Bucci’s ability to paint an emotional picture with his lyrics, combined with his jangling Rickenbacker and the study base built by his rhythm section, cause the songs on Heavy Hanging Fruit to stick like arrows in their listeners, staying with them long after the EP has ceased. For fans of Pedro the Lion, Into It. Over It., Brand New, and Dowsing.

Broken Field Runner SXSW Tour 2017

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