We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Charades’ new EP Grey Pillar Sky (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on May 26th through White Russian Records. Charades commented on how the band and EP came to be, below the stream.

“It’s almost been one and a half years since we started this band. At first we were mainly sorting out who we wanted to be as a band, what we should sound like and how we can translate our message to the listener. After a few months we started to record some demos of the songs ‘Colours’ and ‘Embers in the Clouds’. As you can guess, it sounded as good and mostly as bad as a demo can be, but it gave us some kind of direction.

From this point we knew where we would like to go. Around the summer of 2016 we felt like we had built up enough experience playing live, and playing together as a band in general, to get us ready for the studio. At the same time we wrote the last song we needed for the EP, titled ‘Undress’ – ironically the first track on the EP.

We started to record in October 2016 at a small studio of a friend of ours named Yrjo in ‘t Veld. We worked the whole weekend, 12 hours a day, to get the basics down – drums, bass and a little bit of guitar. An exhausting but satisfying process. The next weekend we started to work on guitars; this was really fun to do because you can work on the production by being creative with the sounds and guitar layers. The same thing goes for vocals. Experimenting with things you can’t really do live is the best thing about recording for us.

The hardest part about the whole process was waiting for the first mixes. We were so eager to hear how everything would come together. After it being mastered by Jesse Canon, Cannon Found Soundation, and getting the chance to release the finished product on White Russian Records, we were more happy than ever. ‘Grey Pillar Sky’ is a first release we are proud of but we are certainly not satisfied [with stopping there]. We’ll keep on working to be a better band, writing better songs and getting ready for what comes next.”


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