Need some new death metal in your life? Well Germany’s Chordotomy can help you with that. These brutal death metal juggernauts are proud to share the second single, “Synapticide” (listen below), off their upcoming album, Subjugated Into Obedience (via Ultimate Massacre Productions).

Chordotomy was built in 2009 originally as a one-man project in Augsburg, Germany by bassist/vocalist Hannes. After recording a few songs on his own, Hannes decided to recruit a full band, including: Dani (vocals), Michi (bass), Hannes (drums), and Dennis (guitar). The group soon recorded their debut EP, Icepick Facefuck and quickly established themselves on the forefront of the European slamming brutal death metal scene. In 2012, the band released their first full length album, The Precious Ideal. After the debut LP, founding member Hannes decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Afterwards Chordotomy continued to move forward and after a few other member changes a solid and strong lineup was established.

Chordotomy is now: Hannes ­ – Drums, Dennis – ­ Guitars, Roman – ­ Bass, Simon – ­ Vocals.

After almost 6 years of wait, Chordotomy are back to crush with their new, highly anticipated album, Subjugated Into Obedience, coming May 2018 via Ultimate Massacre Productions.

Subjugated Into Obedience mainly deals with the circumstances of modern life, and the idea that most people are being pushed into social and economic roles. The recurrent theme is this anonymous protagonist, whose personality gets remodeled to fit and function into societal norms. The transformation starts with blurred recognition (“Incoherence of Perception”), to a state of alcohol and drug abuse (“Intoxicated”), fleeing into thrills (“Nerve”), and finally, recognizing that one is not more than a sloth braindead slave to modern ages (“Bodyfarm Metropolis” & “Mentally Sliced / Internally Diced”).

Pre-orders for Subjugated Into Obedience can be found here.

To keep up to date with Chordotomy on new singles and tours, make sure to follow them via the Chordotomy and Ultimate Massacre Productions Facebook.

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