We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Coolzey’s new song “Qualify the End” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Coolzey And The God Damned Friend Killers, which is being released through Public School Records. You can purchase the album here.

The track is jittery alt-rock with nods to Weezer and Archers Of Loaf channeled through Coolzey’s melodic croon (though it lyrically references House Of Pain and Kriss Kross). The album veers stylistically from track to track including doses of hardcore punk and nerd-rap while retaining a cohesive atmosphere.

The “Friend Killers” in the album title is a blanket term for all of Coolzey’s friends who he would bring into the studio to collaborate on the tracks. Some of these contributors include Iowa Punks, Lipstick Homicide, emcee/songwriter Ceschi Ramos and queer rap warrior Kamil Kardashian. To be released digitally on 2/23 via Public School Records (Bru Lei, Belly Belt) and CD copy on 3/30, this is third release that Coolzey has offered over the past year. Those other two releases include collaborative EPs with producers Soce The Elemental Wizard (Coolsay Too) and Fresh Kils (Kilzey).

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