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We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Cope’s debut self-titled EP (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on April 21st through Norwegian Blue Records. You can purchase the EP here: Bandcamp | Big Cartel

“The (Cope) EP is made up of the first three songs we wrote as a band, and these tracks are the way we usually open (‘Cryptid/Mother Russia’) and close (‘Tropic of Capricorn’) a set. These songs showcase the many faces of this band flipping through instrumental, punk, metal, and noise rock but it always sounds like us. This is partly because of our band motto: tune down, turn up. We hope these three songs tide people over until we record our full length this summer.” – Tyson Wiebe

As the success of Royal Thunder and Slaves has amply proved, the time of the two-piece piece band is upon us! Inspired by Local H, Shellac, Brand New, Refused, and Death From Above 1979, Cope consists of Mickey Hayward on drums and Tyson Wiebe on guitars and vocals. It’s all about the power of two and Cope is truly powerful. Some of the best creative work has been the result of collaboration between two people, with artistic minds refining and exchanging ideas, with the fluidity and flexibility of the pair creating something truly special.  Hayward describes Cope as, “loud, thoughtful, noisy, calm, unpredictable.”

Cope came into being in an organic fashion.

“Tyson and I have been friends and collaborators over the past 8 years. A two-piece was always something in reach because of our history of playing together but finally came to be during an extended downtime of our other projects.” says Hayward.

The first fruits of Cope’s creativity will appear on vinyl, cassette and digital download on April 21, 2017 via their indie label Norwegian Blue Records as an introduction to give listeners a sonic interpretation of what the band is. The EP was engineered live off the floor at Norwegian Blue Studio in Lethbridge, Alberta under the watchful eye of Chris Lipinski (Atomicos, Lustre Creame) and Q (Supervoid, Stellar Radio Choir). The EP was mixed by Jesse Northey (The Betrayers, Diamond Mind) and mastered by KRAMER (Gwar, Galaxie 500).

There is much more music to come from Cope. The three tracks on the EP are from Cope’s first writing sessions and they are a strong representation of what the band sounds like. They have more material that they play live and are constantly writing as they plan for a full-length to be released later this year.

Live Cope adds another dimension to their music. They often play a show like a jam session, even though their songs are all arranged and complete, Cope aren’t afraid to let them go and turn them into something weird and new when they play them live.

Track Listing:
Digital Version
1: Cryptid (3:08)
2: Mother Russia (3:22)
3: Tropic of Capricorn (7:17)
EP Length: 13:48

Cassette/7” Version
SIDE A: Cryptid/Mother Russia
SIDE B: Tropic of Capricorn

Tour Dates:
April 22 – Lethbridge, AB – The Owl Acoustic Lounge (w/ Aaron Trozzo & The Electric Few, Atomicos)
April 27 – Calgary, AB – Tubby Dog (w/ Supervoid)
April 28 – Edmonton, AB – The Sewing Machine Factory (w/ Supervoid, The Moon Runners)
May 4 – Saskatoon, SK – Underground Café (w/ Supervoid, The Moon Runners)
May 5 – Regina, SK – O’Hanlons (w/ Supervoid, The Moon Runners)
May 6 – Swift Current, SK – Ashley Park Community Hall (w/ Supervoid, The Moon Runners) ALL AGES

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