We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of CRABE’s new album Notre-Dame de la vie intérieure (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on May 3, 2019 through Pantoum Records. You can purchase the album here.

The band commented:

Get ready to know the pond and learn the path. We may be sharing together the answer through punk concepts of time and mind.

And here is the road that leads to the pond, the one we must be aware of to know that it is possible to go back and forth without screwing oneself up too much. Together, throughout this 7th album music, we will face its dynamism, that which at times drags us upwards and at others soaks our little feet in Dame’s hellish inner life, and of course that which makes us smile and warms us up. This album is a more ARTISTIC statement that its predecessor ‘Le Temps f33l,’ ‘Notre-Dame de la vie intérieure’ is all at once today’s, yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s taste.

About the band:

For over a decade, the whimsical duo CRABE has been into pure music with the strength and vigour of the first-born child. With more than six albums and multiple EPs in its magic bag, the band undertakes 2019 with the release of its seventh opus Notre-Dame de la vie intérieure. The band is known for the chaos released by their performances, and the new LP showcases this turbulent sonic weirdo punk, in glorious technicolour.

Being lovers of contrasts, CRABE flows, melts and is reborn with an exuberant force. Each chord exemplifies a juxtaposition of thought. Each yelp a call to the outsiders. Notre-Dame de la vie intérieure is an album to evolve with. It’s an album to have your identity burst into a million pieces. It’s an album that will draw an endless parade of questions, with only slivers of surface value enlightenment. You. the listener is all the better for it. These labyrinths with twist themselves into your earholes, creating new sonic worlds.

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Top photo by Yuki BT

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