We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Crusasis’ new song “No Good Luck” (listen below). Ryan Smith (aka Crusasis) comments:

‘No Good Luck’ was written about an unrequited love, my first experience of this and a painful one. ‘I want it all, but you gave me none, now your memories wasted, it’s all gone away.’ ‘My first mistake was my hopeful lie’ talks to the naivety of believing just because you fall in love means the person can or will love you back. In the end I boast a declaration of moving on while she burns her candle at both ends: ‘I know you’re out there and you’re still alive, digging your grave living to die. That’s alright, I don’t mind too much, I got my own thing now and I wish you good luck.’ Obviously for the unrequited lover the only thing he can do is boast and keep his chin up after the denial, it’s all a front. The last lyric ‘there’s no good luck in America’ is a stolen line of poetry which brings the story outward, saying this happened to me here and is happening all over, also inferring maybe this American culture is played out for love.

The groovy riff sitting between verses is an old riff from probably 2010 reconfigured for this track, I use it as a pallet cleanser and think the section has a definitive feel, putting a period on the prior verse. This is an 8 year old song that clocks out at 2:03 min. I’ve recorded it probably 4 times and this rendition had a lot of production hours behind it for Neil and I. I think it’s safe to say this is the most work I’ve ever put in for a 2 minute product!

About the artist:

Crusasis (pronounced crew-say-sis) is the project of Brooklyn’s Ryan Smith. Previously a sax player and drummer, he began experimenting with vocals and guitar in 2012, working in a shared basement studio in DUMBO that had been active since the 70s and had become known as “brick house.” Inspired by the expansive room and the vintage gear it housed, he spent hours there writing songs that were personal and intimate, as a form of catharsis. He was eventually priced out of the studio and struggled to find inspiration elsewhere, but kept pushing forward to see his project grow and transform in the following years.

By 2017, Smith had released a handful of Crusasis demos and played a number of live shows, both solo and as a two-piece. It was after his return to NYC following a 3-month stint living in Budapest that he finally put together a three-piece live band, featuring his former bandmate Jonny Cohn on bass and drummer Neil Cote.

The latest Crusasis single, “No Good Luck,” features wailing, distorted vocals above a prominent bass line and heavy-hitting drums. A song about unrequited love, it was based around a riff that Smith originally wrote eight years ago and reconfigured multiple times. The result is a track that sounds upbeat and explosive, but whose lyrics reveal the universally-relatable feelings of pain and anger that come with rejection.

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