We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Cry My Name’s new album Reflections (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on April 21st through Bastardized Recordings. You can purchase the album here: Package Deal | CD | T-Shirt | iTunes | Amazon MP3

The band comment on the album:

“On the new record we came up with themes that really concerned us; in private as well as in general. So there are songs like ‘Changes,’ where we are telling to stand up for who we are and we got songs like ‘Recover,’ which criticizes how we are dealing with the world we live in. It will definitely be something new for everyone who knows us and for everyone who doesn’t; it will be the best first impression of who we are. So many blood, sweat and tears are in this album and we are so proud of the result!”

The band will be holding their record release show on April 22nd at Bullentempel in Rendsburg, Germany. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here.

German Metalcore quintet Cry My Name sounds fresher and more dynamic than ever! On Reflections, the band’s traditional style is bolstered by a fat production, angry riffs, roller-grooves and hard chorus hooks. 

Cry My Name fuels its sound with aggressive hardcore beats without anchoring themselves to the past. Most importantly, the Kiel boys demonstrate a unique flair for writing great songs. Reflections was recorded at Blastbeat Productions and mastered a Pitchback Studios.

For fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, For The Fallen Dreams, and Bury Tomorrow


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