“La Siembra” is the final song on Curse League’s upcoming record Laying by the Fire in Good Company. Although it is the first to be released off the record, the song tells the ending of a tale which weaves throughout the entirety of the 11 song record. The story follows two young adults, one an illegal immigrant deported from America to Mexico, and the other an American orphan who travels to Mexico in search of adventure. Through their mishaps with coyotes, border patrol, and cartels, the pair end up trying to cross the border back into the US together.

The record ends with the pair and a group of people together at a house near the border. This multifarious group was brought together not by similar intentions or even mutually good feelings, but by their common mission of crossing the border. The song reflects the challenges faced by illegal immigrants, the importance of community, and how communities are formed.

In “La Siembra,” one can find a hopeful glimpse into the end of this complex story, the finale in which the cartels and migrants all lay down their arms recognizing a greater meaning beneath their intent to cross the border.

About the band:

Curse League started in late 2015 when Kai Brunson recruited Chester Cun and Jake Campbell to play in a musical project in which shreddy guitars and technical drumming would underpin all the songs. Although initially a side project, by spring of 2016 the band recognized the potential of their sound and released their first EP Bodega Disco. They toured up and down the west coast before recruiting Alexandria Hickel on bass guitar. With Alex on board, the band continued to play local shows, tour, and write new music. In 2017 the four piece continued to play out, taking short breaks to write and record their sophomore release Laying By The Fire In Good Company.

Upcoming Shows:
2/17 – Portland, OR @ Big Legrowlski
2/18 – Corvallis, OR @ Interzone Coffee
2/20 – San Francisco @ New Judnich’s
2/21 – Reno, NV @ The Holland Project
2/22 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground
2/23 – Boise, ID @ District Coffee House
2/24 – Moscow, ID @ Humble Burger

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