We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Cyclone Static’s new song “From Scratch” (listen below). The song is the title track from the band’s forthcoming album, which is scheduled to be released digitally through Mint 400 Records on February 8, 2019, with a vinyl pressing to be expected afterward.

Cyclone Static vocalist/guitarist James Salerno commented on the song:

It’s a song about transition and starting over. I really admire John Lennon’s solo song writing and at the time I was listing to a lot of his stuff. I liked the message of the song ‘(Just Like) Starting over’ and was inspired to write a song with a similar message in my own style.

About the band:

Based out of Northern New Jersey in the New York City area, Cyclone Static’s smooth put powerful output flows like a punk rock storm, throwing sparks and bursts of melodic energy outward. Their driving songs surge to life with waves of crashing guitar and percussion, pulled into focus by a deep undercurrent of emotion. The trio, comprised of James Salerno on guitar and lead vocals, Danny Patierno on bass, and Jonathan LeVine on drums, produces sounds that are honest, economic and muscular. Salerno sings with unfiltered passion, Patierno provides a sturdy backbone of rhythm, and LeVine tightens their songs with power and precision. Cyclone Static draws from and refines their best influences, merging elements of late 70s-punk, mid-80s hardcore, and early-90s alternative rock into raw, uninhibited music that captures their independent spirit and DIY ethos.

The debut full-length recording from Cyclone Static, From Scratch is a slick, dynamic release that brings each of the band’s best traits to the spotlight. The band deploys bold hooks and instantly infectious melodies through all ten songs, delivering thirty-eight minutes of high-quality melodious punk. The album was recorded at Forest Of Chaos in Hawthorne, New Jersey by Neil Sabatino who also engineered and co-produced it and who also owns Mint 400 Records, the label releasing the record. From Scratch was mixed and mastered by Stuart Richardson at Rocky Water Studios, and its psychedelic Kozic-style cover art was created by Orion Landau of Relapse Records who has designed artwork for countless bands.

Some allies of Cyclone Static have offered their thoughts on From Scratch including AFI vocalist Davey Havok who calls the album, “A fuzzed our nod to the punk frays of an early 90s flannel rock outfit. With tasteful melodic hooks adding a bit of Brit Pop sensibility these men bring gritty authenticity to driving rock n roll.” Geoff Rickly the lead singer of Thursday praises, “Cyclone Static is an anomaly in modern music: a new band that throws us back in time at first listen. There’s something in Cyclone Static’s sound that’s evocative of a simpler time. Not just to a time of punk rock on the radio but a whole lost New Jersey paradise: Asbury Park before the renaissance, radios cranking out surf guitars and sandy, beach-blown harmonies, through empty lots full of downed power lines and bombed-out buildings.”

Additionally, drummer Jonathan LeVine is a well-known curator, and art gallery owner in the NYC area with connections running deep into the regional punk, hardcore, and fanzine realms of the tri-state area. His gallery sells and works with many notable artists in the underground worlds of Pop Surrealism and Street Art. See more here.

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Top photo by Jon Pro

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