“‘Is She Electroplasm?’ were the words from a journalist who witnessed a performance by Josephine Baker. Now that she may well be electroplasm… I ask myself, what music would she dance to?” – Daniel Menche

“Is She Electroplasm?” is taken from a 4-way split, which is scheduled to be officially released through Accident Prone Records on December 15th. You can purchase the split here.

“The only thing better than playing shows with friends and their friends is getting to make records with friends and their friends.” This sentiment from Andrea K (Caustic Touch, Vice Device) perfectly encapsulates the spirit behind this 4-way split from House of Low Culture, Daniel Menche, Caustic Touch, and EMS on Portland’s Accident Prone Records. In early 2016, the artists on this record played together at Portland’s High Water Mark Lounge as Mamiffer (Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner), Daniel Menche, Caustic Touch, and EMS. Throughout the months that followed, the artists grew closer, and continued to play together in a variety of configurations and acts. After regional dates opening for Sumac, Andrea K asked Aaron Turner if he would be interested in having any of his projects join Caustic Touch as part of a 4-way split that she and Gary Bahen (Accident Prone) had been envisioning. Aaron and Faith signed on as House of Low Culture, and immediately suggested frequent collaborator Daniel Menche join in. When the three got together to decide who would best round out the split, it was a quick, unanimous vote to ask Vern Avola (EMS, Elrond, ex-Prizehog). Despite having recorded separately, the tracks on this split flow together as though the album had been written and recorded as a collaboration. The result is a beautiful, haunting, and extraordinarily cohesive assemblage of experimental noise that stands as a testament to the friendship, respect, and artistic vision these five artists share.

Daniel Menche has been consistently releasing music since 1989, and continues to be one of the most prolific artists in experimental, underground music.

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