We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Dead Weights new album Mountain Arresting (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on August 1st. The band commented on the new album:

“The title and concept of ‘Mountain Arresting’ for the album is in some ways about ‘letting go’ of restraints and old habits. It’s about growth and combatant to these big things that seem to stand in our way inside of our selves and in our lives. The great obstacles that seem to distress us and block our goals but when we make peace with them use the challenges to learn, propel, be gracious during the progress.

This record symbolizes elements of change and unity in our songwriting process. The majority of the album was written collectively and then focused by Jonathan or Steve as the principal songwriters. The previous albums were more focused on outer criticisms (social, political, scene politics), while the new record touches on these elements it’s main focus is internal. It’s nice to see and hear that we have grown together as individuals and as a group.”

Dead Weights started in 2010 and has played a significant amount of local shows and basements since conception. A lot of beers have been drank. A lot of strings have been broken. Future plans for a new record, more long drives, and too many hangovers.

The band’s first songs are available as the Sick of Deja Vu EP, which was self-released on 7″ vinyl, as well as available digitally for “Name Your Price” through Bandcamp. The first EP was followed by the Work Pig EP, and then their first LP Dead Ends and Closed Doors, which is available digitally through Bandcamp and Pavones Records, as well as self-released on cassette.

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