We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Deux Trois’ new song “Late Night Girls” (watch the music video below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming Health EP.

The band commented on the song:

‘Late Night Girls’ is about porn and its eternal friend: sad masturbation. Sometimes when I sing it in front of others, I feel uncomfortable because its central theme is my own personal objectification of women. I have identified as a feminist since I was about eighteen, when I realized I’d spent most of my youth identifying with the ideals of men’s rights activists. To have pivoted my ideals and knowingly changed that perspective was an important part of my development as an adult human. The way society has shoved the coding of gender down everybody’s throats for the last few thousand years makes me want to poo on a crowd of unsuspecting, patronizing assholes every day for a year.

I wrote this song with dramatic irony. Should listeners hear the work as more than a song, I hope these ideas lead them to interpreting that deeper meaning for themselves.

About the band:

Deux Trois is the project of Kingstonians Nadia Pacey (of Konig), Benjamin Nelson (of PS I Love You), and Ben Webb (of Carvings & We Are Adam West).

Pacey has a background in electronic production but became inspired by dark pop influence, heavy rhythm sections, and 80s analog synths while working on another project with fellow Deux Troix member Benjamin Nelson. Nadia and Benjamin continued working together and eventually added Ben Webb as guitarist, lending to each song a much needed boost in romanticism, noise, and potential for bled out ears. They have collaborated on a number of visual art and design projects, taking it upon themselves to pursue a vision of “total” art for Pacey’s music.

Debut single “Late Night Girls” hums along out of the gate. With an enthralling swagger, waves of toms build to a commanding and intense conclusion. Tension. Pure tension. Pacey’s vocals keep the listener centered and laser focused, as the ambient sonics swirl around the campfire timepiece. Evoking the bleakness of post-punk, but with the anthemic thump and melodic hooks of a top 40 pop song, “Late Night Girls” creates an instantaneous lasting impression. That this is the band’s first offering makes their fully formed emergence from the chrysalis even more impressive.

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