We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Dogleg’s new EP, Remember Alderaan? (listen below), which is being released through Table Three Media, and is available for purchase here.

Things are cold in Michigan, so you have to keep moving to stay warm. Michigan’s Dogleg tries to write songs that make people want to get up and move and songs that move fast in and of themselves. Combining elements of all of their favorite bands without sounding too close to any of them, their sound varies with influences from the classic and revival eras of D.C. post-hardcore, post-punk, and emo, along with other elements of dance-punk, garage rock, and hardcore punk. What started as the solo project of singer/guitarist Alex Stoitsiadis has quickly become a full-fledged collaborative effort after he enlisted the help of old friends from School of Rock music camp, bassist Chase Macinski and drummer Parker Grissom.

The band’s new four-song EP Remember Alderaan?, which is set for a December release through Long Island, NY-based label Table Three Media, is a departure from the “emo revival” ties of the first self-titled EP and sees the band trying to capture the way the songs would be performed live – faster, hectic, and bursting with ferocity. Before beginning the writing process, the trio never really defined a sound that they wanted to have, and tried to simply get in a room to combine their varying influences and talents, which resulted in a product that they could all be proud of.

Remember Alderaan? was originally intended to be comprised of songs that responded directly to tragedies around the world, encapsulating their frustrations in the music itself. The songs came very easily after the band got together in a room to fine-tune the ideas that were floating around, and they were able to record all the instrumentals over the span of a week in Stoitsiadis’ basement. They took influence from the techniques of Steve Albini in their approach to recording the EP, trying to keep the mix almost entirely free of any sort of digital processing.


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